BHD Shape & Color
Shape & Color Brow Henna is a special
intensive training for browser designers
BROW HENNA - Brand No. 1 worldwide for 6 years The original from the inventor!
Brow Henna is a natural, tattoo-effect eyebrow henna that comes in 10 different colors and is an ideal solution for clients who want to change the shape and shade of their eyebrows without a permanent solution. With this technique, the perfect shape of an eyebrow is achieved with the help of henna, colored thread and other high quality products. It is ideal for professional cosmetic and beauty studios.

You will be trained by one of our certified BHD trainers. Your BHD trainer was intensively and personally trained by Tatjana Pichierri (trainer-instructor of BHD and Levchuk, top master, top artist) and regularly takes part in further training courses from BHD.

Important: There are some “freelance trainers” who offer Brow Henna training, but unfortunately they are often not sufficiently trained to work with our products.
Shape & Color Brow Henna is an intensive training course specially designed for brow designers. The course program focuses on two important points: The "eyebrow architecture" and the dyeing technique with brow henna. At the end of the training, the students receive an internationally recognized certificate.
Duration up to 8 hours
Starter kit as a gift from BHD
5% Discount on products.
For the first reorder
Support from (Tatjana)
Facebook group: Certified BHD stylists
Personal trainer support
2 certificates: BHD & Levchuck
Two extensive guides
Training by the market leader and with the original brow henna from the inventor
A4 photo to practice after the training
Presentation on Instagram & Facebook upon request
The rules for organizing your workplace
A job as an eyebrow stylist. Everything you need to know about eyebrows including an eyebrow analysis. Price calculation. The rules for the organization of your workplace, proper treatment of tools and cleanliness in the workplace. Disinfection, sterilization.
Symmetry of the eyebrows
The methods of hair removal, the rules for the use of tweezers, hand positioning. Eyebrow Symmetry: Techniques and Secrets.
The basics of eyebrow coloring
The control lines and points. The ideal formula for building eyebrows. BH Brow Henna for coloring the eyebrows - introduction to the range of products. The basics of eyebrow coloring.
The principles of working with BrowXenna
Selection of the shade and the color intensity. Techniques and patterns for coloring eyebrows: classic, corrective, ombré. The principles of working with BrowXenna.
Model training
Working on a model
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Contact our trainer for detailed information on the BHD "Shape & Color" course. Brow Henna training locations in Germany Osnabrück, Bremen, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich, Hanover, Aachen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and some other cities! And of course also directly in Warendorf near Münster Westphalia (Brow-Henna-Germany headquarters, Tel: 02581-4604094 or Whatsapp 01632226327) by Tatjana Pichierri (BHD-Trainer-Instructor, Levchuk Top Artist, Top Master and Trainer-Instructor)
BHD Shape & Color intensive group training
€ 585.00 excl. 19% value-added tax.
✓2 certificates: BHD & Levchuck
✓Free STARTERSET worth € 349.00
✓5% Discount on products. For the first reorder
✓ Model training
BHD Shape & Color intensive individual training
999.00 € excl. 19% value-added tax.
✓2 certificates: BHD & Levchuck
✓Free STARTERSET worth € 349.00
✓5% Discount on products. For the first reorder
✓ Model training